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You can call 517-483 STOP (7867) at any time.  If the information is an emergency or time sensitive, call 911 or the appropriate police agency first, and then call Crime Stoppers. Give all the detailed information you can about the crime and the suspects. You do not have to give your name and Crime Stoppers does not utilize caller ID.

Crime Stoppers receives the information and gives the caller a confidential code number. Citizen Witnesses are identified by Tip Numbers, not names. Crime Stoppers asks the caller to call back in a few weeks for an update on their file and passes the tip to law enforcement for investigation.

If the tip results in an arrest, recovery of stolen property, recovery of illegal narcotics or a combination thereof, the caller can qualify for a reward. The amount of reward will be determined by the board of directors and can range up to One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00).

When Citizen Witnesses call back for an update, Crime Stoppers communicate reward information back to the anonymous caller. A reward paid to the Tip Number code will be arranged upon approval. Rewards are given out by a local bank, not police.